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OVERVIEW: Training and certification on Siebel CRM is quite expensive. The courses offered by Oracle University require substantial upfront investment, which may not always be the best option for corporates using Siebel. Over a period of time, this has led to shortage of experienced Siebel professionals in the industry and they are often very expensive.

To address this challenge of our clients, we provide experienced Siebel professionals to guide their functional, development or support teams. Please read below to understand how we can help you in your Siebel projects.

THE PROBLEM WE ADDRESS: Due to lack of experienced Siebel professionals as well as expensive training and certification, a lot of organizations using Siebel hire professionals, without prior experience on Siebel, to work on their Siebel implementation.

While these team members are new to Siebel, they learn their way while on the project. However, they need a lot of handholding and often make expensive mistakes in terms of bugs or higher learning curve.

WHAT WE OFFER: We offer experienced Siebel CRM professionals, or Siebel Mentors, to guide your team members on a day to day basis as they work on projects. We address their queries as they work on assignments, we clear their concepts as well as guide them on good development best practices for Scripting, Workflow, Integration Objects, etc. We also instruct them on what makes a good technical design and get them to think about solution architecture.

We hand hold these Siebel trainees till they are able to deliver on their own or are in position to suggest their own technical solution based on functional problem.

WHO ARE SIEBEL MENTORS? Siebel Mentor is an experienced Siebel CRM veteran with at least 7-8 years of all rounded experience in Siebel, including but not limited to below modules:

  • Siebel Configuration
  • Siebel eScript
  • Siebel Workflow
  • Siebel EAI
  • Siebel EIM
  • Siebel Server Administration
  • Siebel Open UI
  • Siebel Assignment Manager

These Siebel Mentors has hands-on experience on these modules across numerous implementations to ensure they bring a strong industry experience to table.

WHAT IS SIEBEL MENTOR PACKAGE? It’s a subscription package wherein we offer an experienced Siebel Mentor to clients for fixed no of hours on a monthly basis. These Mentors can work with up-to 3 Siebel trainees, with 1-2 hrs of daily overlap from Monday to Friday.

WHAT TOPICS ARE COVERED BY SIEBEL MENTOR?At the starting of Siebel Mentor package subscription, we understand the modules that client would like their teams to learn. Based on requirements, we identify a matching Siebel Mentor to ensure client needs are always served.

If during the course of engagement, client requires their team to learn on other modules too, it must be communicated to us so that we can identify the right Siebel Mentor for them. This may sometimes lead to another or more than 1 Siebel Mentor be assigned to client.

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM SIEBEL MENTORS? Any organization, working on Siebel CRM, having Siebel professionals in 0-3 years of experience can benefit from these Mentors.



Basic Mentor

Advanced Mentor

Enterprise Mentor


Daily Coverage

1 Hour

2 Hours

4 Hours

Total Coverage

22 Hours

44 Hours

88 Hours


Siebel Configuration




Siebel eScript




Siebel Workflow




Siebel EIM



Siebel EAI



Siebel Administration



Siebel Open UI


Siebel Order Management


Siebel Task UI


Siebel Product Configuration


Supported Team Size

1 – 3

1 – 3

1 - 5

Turn Around Time

24 Hours*

12 Hours*

04 Hours*

Mode of Communication


Email, Phone Call

Email, Phone Call, Webex

Value Adds

Best Practices

Support in Emergency


Hands-on Participation


PRICING (Service Tax Extra)

INR 44,000/-

INR 88,000/-

INR 1,76,000/-

* Includes only working hours from 9 AM IST to 6 PM IST

HOW CAN I TAKE THE SUBSCRIPTION? Click the 'Buy Now' button below to purchase the Siebel Mentor subscription:

AFTER PURCHASE: Please give us 2 working days to process your order, someone from our team will get in touch with you. You can also contact us on +91 808080 7352 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in case you don't hear from us or you want a faster response.

CONTACT US: You can contact us on +91 808080 7352 for more details. Or you can send your query over email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with subject: "Siebel Mentor".

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